MENU - MAY 2018



Asparagus Soup with Estragon / Soup of the day

Small 35 CZK / big 55 CZK



BEEF CARPACCIO – fine slices of beef sirloinolive oilarugulaparmasanjalapeno pepper, lime

169 CZK

TUNA CARPACCIO – thin slices of tuna with seaweed noriginger, lime

199 CZK

GARLIC PRAWNS – hot bowl of rastred shrimps on winegarlic, chilli and sesame seeds

219 CZK

Gratinated goat cheese with pine nuts and honey on arugula salad with cherry tomatoesbaguette

 145 CZK

100g Tartar steak "á la Oliva" from minced beef meat

 145 CZK

 Bruschetta with tomatoes San Marzanobasil and mozzarella

79 CZK

Bruschetta with avocado pesto and spicy chorizo salami

 79 CZK



Lettuce salad with baby spinachstrawberriesasparaguswalnuts and honey-balsamic dressing

169 CZK

Tagliatelle with pieces of grilled salmonasparagus and crème fraîche

175 CZK

Grilled duck breast with fat cover and skin, baked vegetable with honey, port wine sauce

269 CZK

Slowly stewed Osso Buco on safron creamy risotto with strong veal juice

245 CZK

Griled pork tenderloinroasted asparagus with bacon an peaschanterelle sauce

239 CZK

Sliced beef Flank steak with blanched asparaguspoached egg and strong juice

245 CZK

Grilled beef Hanger steak,grilled Corn on the Cob, roasted green beans with bacon

259 CZK

300g aged Striploin steak with French fries and green pepper sauce

399 CZK



Grilled fish filet – according to daily offer (including side dish and sauce)

175 CZK/100g



Chocolate cake Nemesis with raspberry sauce

75 CZK

 Cheesecake made of white chocolate with cherry sauce

 75 CZK

Vanilla Créme Brulée

 75 CZK

Vanilla ice ball coated in crushed pistachios served in a hot pond of Belgian chocolate


119 CZK


is fresh cafe-restaurant in the center of Jihlava, where we love good food,

freshly brewed coffee and wine directly from winemakers.

Welcome to laOliva!


It may surprise you, but we do not have regular menu in la Oliva. Every day we prepare delicious fresh food and therefore you can taste every day something new. And who would have missed something so significant as dessert!


Glass of good wine? Our wine cellar is filled with selection of wine we love - small moravian winemakers and interesting wines from around the world. Choose your glass or whole bottle? Freshly roasted coffee is prepared on an Italian machine Faema President from 1950's. Every day we change the origin of coffee beans. So enjoy your espresso!  And what about beer? Our house beer is Lobkowicz lager. But don't expect small selection - we have czech craft beers on the other taps. And sometimes something special from abroad - like Guinness or Maissel's Weisse...




Have you got any questions, wishes, complains?



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