THURSDAY - JUNE 22, 2017 


Lentil soup with roasted sausage 

Cold strawberry soup with honey and yoghurt 

small 35 CZK / large 55 CZK 


Grilled Black Tiger prawns with garlic and parsley, buttered baguette 

219 CZK 

Gratinated goat cheese with pine nuts and honey on arugula salad with cherry tomatoes, roasted baguette 

139 CZK 

Grilled St. Jacob's mussels with pumpkin puree, chestnut sauce and pears marinated in brandy 

149 CZK 


Fast lunch: Beef Goulash with potato pancakes and onion 

99 CZK 

Saffron risotto sprinkled with Gran Moravia cheese and decorated with arugula 

105 CZK 

Fish & Chips – Fried Codfish with fries and herb mayonnaise 

125 CZK 

Grilled pieces of salmon, tuna and butterfish served on salad leaves with peppers, cherry tomatoes, dill dressing 

189 CZK 

Tagliatelle with zucchini sauce and grilled pieces of chicken breast decorated with arugula 

175 CZK 

Filleted beef Flank steak with grilled vegetables and mustard sauce 

235 CZK 

Grilled veal served with baked crushed potatoes with parmesan cheese and chanterelle sauce 

239 CZK 

Grilled pork tenderloin stuffed with dried tomatoes served with roasted potatoes with bacon and demi glace sauce 

225 CZK 

Grilled fillet of sea bass, tagliatelle with bear garlic pesto and Beurre blanc sauce 

255 CZK 

Filleted duck breast with roasted potatoes with spring onion and port wine sauce 

239 CZK 

 300g Beef Striploin steak with roasted potatoes with onion and green pepper sauce 

399 CZK 


Nemesis – chocolate cake with raspberry sauce 

75 CZK 

Orange Panna Cotta with caramel-orange sauce 

75 CZK 

White chocolate cheesecake with cherry sauce 

75 CZK 

Balls of vanilla ice cream rolled in crushed almonds, served in a pool of dark Belgian chocolate 

119 CZK 




Lobkowicz - lager 12º

OlivALE 12º

Želiv Monastery brewery - Haštal 12º (lager)










is fresh cafe-restaurant in the center of Jihlava, where we love good food,

freshly brewed coffee and wine directly from winemakers.

Welcome to laOliva!


It may surprise you, but we do not have regular menu in la Oliva. Every day we prepare delicious fresh food and therefore you can taste every day something new. And who would have missed something so significant as dessert!


Glass of good wine? Our wine cellar is filled with selection of wine we love - small moravian winemakers and interesting wines from around the world. Choose your glass or whole bottle? Freshly roasted coffee is prepared on an Italian machine Faema President from 1950's. Every day we change the origin of coffee beans. So enjoy your espresso!  And what about beer? Our house beer is Lobkowicz lager. But don't expect small selection - we have czech craft beers on the other taps. And sometimes something special from abroad - like Guinness or Maissel's Weisse...




Have you got any questions, wishes, complains?



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